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Selected Education Resources

370 JOH


Michael Johnson


Education on the Wild Side     Critiques and synthesizes ideas on contemporary educational practice from a variety of thinkers.


370 PUT


Nancy A. Putinski


A Farewell to Failure: Creating Quality in our Schools    Offers ways of implementing Total Quality Management principles in an educational setting.


370.19 SAD


Myra and David Sadker


Failing at Fairness: How American Schools Cheat Girls   Presents evidence of sexism in schools, and how it prevents girls from receiving an education equal to boys'.


370.973 CET


Marvin Cetron


Educational Renaissance   Looks at the state of U.S. schools in the 1990's, examining crises and suggesting reforms.


371.2 DAR


Linda Darling -Hammond


The Right to Learn    Outlines the policies and practices needed to create learner-centered schools, concerned with honoring indivuality, developing potential and fostering the ability to think freely and independently.


370.973 POS


Neil Postman


The End of Education: Redefining the Value of Schools    Contends we have lost sight of the value of learning and describes ways schools may recover a sense of purpose, tolerance and respect for learning.


373.37 SYK


Charles Sykes


Dumbing Down our Kids    Examines the collapse of standards and committment to learning and the emphasis on feel-good education.


371.1 ALG


Bob Algozzine


Teacher's Little Book of Wisdom   Collects 365 suggestions and observations to inspire educators.


371.1 FAB


Adele  Faber


How to Talk so Kids Can Learn -- at Home and in School     Outlines communication strategies to motivate students to succeed.


371.1 MIT


Craig Mitchell


Teach to Reach    Presents more than 300 ideas to sharpen teaching skills, enhance the learning environment and make school more meaningful and fun.


371.5 TRA


Alan     Train


The Bullying Problem: how to deal with difficult children     Looks at both the aggressor and the victim, suggesting methods of dealing with this age-old problem.


371.9 WIN


Susan Winebrenner


Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties in theRegular Classroom     Gathers teacher-tested techniques and easy-to-use activities.


375.11 DRU


Jan         Drum


Global Winners    Supplies 75 learning activities for inside and outside the classroom.


372.64 ZIP


Jack     Zipes


Creative Storytelling    Explores the limitless possibilities of traditional and modern tales, including activities and nurturing creativity.


370.973 HOT


Hot Buttons: unravelling 10 controversial issues in education     Examines accountability, assessment reform, character education, charter schools, gender and sexuality, school choice and inclusion of students with disabilities.


372.11 KID


Tracy Kidder


Among Schoolchildren    Reveals our society's worst social problems and greatest potential in one 5th grade classroom.


373.11 FRE


Samuel Freedman


Small Victories  Follows one Manhatten high school teacher through a year of staff meetings, school plays, classroom lessons, and second job needed to pay the bills.


370 RUH


Michael Ruhlman


Boys Themselves: A Return to Single-Sex Education    Records a year in the life of Cleveland's University School, a boys' day school.


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